Maria Dodson - Yoga Teacher

I started practicing yoga in 2008 shortly after the birth of my third child. I wanted to try something new to get back into shape. "A form of exercise," was my very simple view of yoga at the time, something to ease myself back into the gym. Soon, my practice and love for yoga evolved into so much more. Yoga has become a soul-inspiring practice that cultivates strength, confidence, compassion, and a deep appreciation for living in the now.

My approach to yoga is playful and light hearted. My desire as a teacher is to create a space where students can practice freely, without judgement. In my classes, students can expect to move, to flow through an energetic series of postures, and, above all, to breathe deeply. Yoga is a terrific tool for cultivating equanimity of mind and flexibility and strength of body. I'm excited to share my practice with our growing community. I hope to encourage my students to find a greater sense of awareness on and off the mat.

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