Alli Banks - Yogi

Alli Banks - 3 Islas Owner/Director & Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher and inspirational speaker, Alli Banks, has never been one to shy away from the difficulties she encounters. In fact, she has affectionately crafted her ability to take life's challenges and turn them into adventures. Alli's introduction to Yoga at the age of fifteen has helped her to overcome her lifelong struggles with autoimmune disease, as well as, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Throughout the course of her journey she has used these situations to her advantage. In addition to being a wife and mother to three, she also holds international retreats, has been published in books such as "The Yoga Diaries", and is a contributing writer for blogs including Elephant Journal and, to name a few. With countless hours of training under her belt, Alli has committed herself to a life less traveled. One such path has led her to the jungles of Panama, where she is currently hosting retreats and building an eco-friendly hotel.

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