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Alli Banks - 3 Islas Owner/Director & Yoga Teacher ›

Yoga teacher and inspirational speaker, Alli Banks, has never been one to shy away from the difficulties she encounters. In fact, she has affectionately crafted her ability to take life's challenges and turn them into adventures. Alli's introduction to Yoga at the age of fifteen has helped her to overcome her lifelong struggles with autoimmune disease, as well as, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Throughout the course of her journey she has used these situations to her advantage. In addition to being a wife and mother to three, she also holds international retreats, has been published in books such as "The Yoga Diaries", and is a contributing writer for blogs including Elephant Journal and themanifestation.net, to name a few. With countless hours of training under her belt, Alli has committed herself to a life less traveled. One such path has led her to the jungles of Panama, where she is currently hosting retreats and building an eco-friendly hotel.

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Emily Brennan - Yoga Teacher ›

When Emily is on her mat, she feels stronger on all levels. She was first drawn to yoga for the physical and practical benefits it provides, and it quickly turned into something transformational. Emily has experienced yoga's healing power. Her practice keeps her feeling flexible, balanced and empowered. Since taking her first yoga class over ten years ago, she has dedicated over 400 training hours to a deeper understanding and transmission of yoga, with Nadi Yogis Ben Heath and Hilly Flora in Austin, Texas. Emily earned her degree in Nutrition, Wellness and Hospitality from Illinois State University. She has been teaching yoga for the last five years. Emily recently returned to Austin after a year of traveling. One of her favorite sayings is "Pura Vida". This simple phrase embodies the most beautiful philosophy she has ever known: Everything is good, life is beautiful, go with the flow, surrender to what is, let things go, enjoy your life. Emily teaches playful, soulful, inspiring and challenging yoga classes. She loves the challenge of a vigorous whole body workout that also works the mind, spirit and heart. Whether you're taking your first yoga class or you've been practicing for years, Emily would love to meet you on your mat. She believes yoga brings us back to our natural state.


Maria Dodson - Yoga Teacher ›

I started practicing yoga in 2008 shortly after the birth of my third child. I wanted to try something new to get back into shape. "A form of exercise," was my very simple view of yoga at the time, something to ease myself back into the gym. Soon, my practice and love for yoga evolved into so much more. Yoga has become a soul-inspiring practice that cultivates strength, confidence, compassion, and a deep appreciation for living in the now.

My approach to yoga is playful and light hearted. My desire as a teacher is to create a space where students can practice freely, without judgement. In my classes, students can expect to move, to flow through an energetic series of postures, and, above all, to breathe deeply. Yoga is a terrific tool for cultivating equanimity of mind and flexibility and strength of body. I'm excited to share my practice with our growing community. I hope to encourage my students to find a greater sense of awareness on and off the mat.

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