Tres Islas Panama

Playa Morrillo, Veraguas, Panamá

Tres Islas Panama is located near Playa Morrillo in the Veraguas Province of Panama. Veraguas is the only province in Panama that reaches both north and south coasts. This land is known for it's lush landscape, waterfalls, and epic surf conditions.

From Panama City: Drive down the Via Interamericana from Panama City to Santiago is three hours. At the Atalaya turnoff before Santiago, travelers turn south for an hour drive to Tres Islas Panama. One hour south of Santiago, the provincial capital, the area boasts great proximity to city amenities with nature right in your backyard. The land is located south of the growing city of Mariato, where a new bank and administration offices are located. Malena, the tourist center, and Torio, the closest village are close by. Further south, visitors will find expansive farmland, beaches and Cerro Hoya National Park.

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